Registration is now open for the 2009 Manchester Tree-Athlon!

On your marks... the Tree-Athlon returns to Manchester on October 4th! Get set... gather your mates together and get ready for this unique fundraising event. Go!... By taking part you will contribute to the planting of thousands more trees and to making Manchester a greener city!

We all know that money doesn't grow on trees, so we need a bit of help from you to fund our work. Registration costs £10 and we are asking every runner to raise £25 sponsorship amongst their friends and family (check out our fundraising tips). Why not tell a friend about the Tree-Athlon and give something back to the environment together? It only takes 5 minutes to register, but if you want to find out what the Tree-Athlon is all about then read on... and we'll see you on 4th October!

How far do I have to run?

Don't worry, this is no marathon! 5km is a manageable distance for all to work towards and we have a training schedule to help you out. The race is open to everyone over the age of 14. The route takes you past some of the highlights of the Heaton Park estate. It's an undulating route that can become muddy in very wet weather, but it is suitable for runners of all abilities, from beginners to the more experienced.

Make your Tree Wish

Here's your chance to have your say about what you would like to see for the future of trees in Manchester. Funny, emotional, serious, strange... the choice is yours! For example, 'Ashton needs more ash trees!' or 'I wish every child could have a tree to climb'. You can be as imaginative or unimaginative as you like but remember, your wish will be printed on your personalised running bib!

Plant a sapling

If you yammer for more trees in Manchester then think about this... Each runner will be given a native tree sapling to either take home and plant, or plant in Heaton Park on the day to add to the Tree-Athlon copse, giving something back to Manchester and creating a new green space for future residents and visitors to enjoy.

Sounds great! What else can you tempt me with?

The Tree-Athlon is a great day out for all your mates and family. Grown ups and nippers alike will love the fantastic Tree Party in the Farm Courtyard, where they can enjoy demonstrations of different tree related activities such as axe racing, wood carving, tree climbing, falconry and storytelling. We'll keep you and your nippers amused before, after and even during the race! Why not find a running buddy or create your own team? The more the merrier, and there will be prizes up for grabs for the fastest runners and top fundraisers.

We challenge all you people in the Manchester area to beat the Leeds and London registration numbers and work towards a greener city in 2009!

How did the Tree-Athlon help last year and what are we trying to achieve this time?

Trees for Cities has been running greening projects in Manchester since 2005 in partnership with the Red Rose Forest, one of 12 community forests in England that are regenerating the environment in and around many of England's urban centres. Thanks to funds raised from the 2008 Manchester Tree-Athlon, Trees for Cities has been able to make great strides in greening Manchester during the planting season. At Heaton Park, 700 more saplings were planted with the co-operation of Manchester City Council and the help of local residents and volunteers. At Cringle Fields, 800 trees were planted for a 200 metre long hedgerow to encourage wildlife and 724 saplings were planted for woodland plots. At Crowcroft Park we planted eight orchard trees to provide colour in spring and fruit in autumn, 386 hedge plants, 140 saplings for a new woodland plot, and 16 larger trees to really make an impact with an avenue.

As well as supporting planting schemes across the UK, Trees for Cities also helps international communities in Africa and Latin America. We planted fruiting trees in Ethiopia to give local communities a sustainable source of food and planted a further 1,500 trees in Nairobi to improve the environment in the city. The 2008 Tree-Athlon helped us set up native tree conservation projects in Peru and kick start our fourth international project in La Paz, Bolivia, which aims to get 200,000 trees planted in the city for its bicentenary celebrations.

This year we need your help to get more local communities involved in enhancing the Manchester environment, plant new woodland plots, wildlife hedges, community orchards and large-specimen trees, and provide opportunities for school children and young people to experience and learn about the importance of trees. We will continue to work closely with Red Rose Forest to engage local people and improve access to nature in urban areas where this is otherwise lacking.

To achieve this we need your support, so please register now and see how the funds you raise can make our cities greener!

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